Technical Specifications

Bike Configurator

We are giving the opportunity to create and personalize your bike by choosing from our professional range of products and combining your own taste and budget at the same time. You are able to select the best components which will be assembled on your bike. On the basis of your order, the n°7even-team will make your dream come true. If your wish reaches a local n°7even dealer, you can be assured of his qualified, careful and reliable implementation.
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Pro Line Technology

The n°7even “Pro-Line Technology” stands for the high level standards we demand of our products! Every frame comes to life with extensive research, testing, professional experience and the most up-to-date technologies in the bike industry.

Hybrid Technology

The new "Hybrid Technology" stands for a perfect balance between geometry, comfort and sportive riding! An in-height and length adjustable stem combined with a flat handlebar make sure these bike configurations are designed for a wide range of passionate riders!

6061 Alloy / Hydro Tubing

Every Hybrid and Sports-race aluminum frame is hand crafted, built with “6061 Allloy”. Giving the rider a resistant, durable, comfortable frame! Combine this with our “Hydroform tubing” process, where we can obtain the most varied shapes of tubes to create an aerodynamic and esthetically perfect frame!

7005 Alloy / S.L.A. Structure

Every "Track Race Concept" alloy frame is hand crafted, built with "Super Light 7005 Alloy" and PBS tubing to provide a very fast and responsive frame that is without doubt, power, body and soul of this bike. The PBS, Cnc precision, perfect welding, the n°7even research and design made this formula for winners!

Pure Carbon Structure

Our n°7even frames are rigid and lightweight while offering a simple design and great comfort! "Pure Carbon Structure" fibres provide an excellent elongation ratio in comparison to other materials! This is one of the reasons why carbon is used in the most up-to-date technologies in space, aviation, automotive and bike industry.

Ud Carbon Structure

"UD Carbon Structure" consists of carbon fibres woven into one single direction, with a leading to improved homogenity. Wich results in a refined stylish aesthetic and perfectly accurate frame behaviour!

MQ Monocoque race concept

The use of composite materials in "Monocoque" skins now allows strength, stiffness and flexibility to be controlled in different directions while optimising the weight. The n°7even development & research team makes sure we always use the latest and most up-to-date technologies.

3-T Connection

A "3T-tube-to-tube" connection allows us to control the thickness of the tubes and add reinforcements where needed. This results in a much stiffer, faster and more impact resistant n°7even frame.

S.I.L.C. Smooth inner layer construction

The n°7even "S.I.L.C." construction results in a perfect aesthetic frame not only on the outside but also on the inside of the tubes. This results in a more rigid, stronger, stiffer, accurate and absolutely impact resistant frame.